Gallie – Wednesday 12th September 2018

One of the highlights at the Fairbridge Music Festival back in April was Darren Gallagher, known far and wide as Gallie,



Gallie packed them in at each of his performances and the audiences were not left wanting.

Originally from Ireland but now living in Melbourne, Gallie sings a range of his own songs and also some great cover music.  He is ably supported by the brilliant guitarist/mandolin player, Paddy Montgomery.






Gallie and Paddy are on a short West Australian tour and we’re very pleased they have included the Music Shack and will be here on the evening of Wednesday 12th September 2018


It will be an indoor house concert event so seating is limited and it is selling quite quickly following our Newsletter advice to our regular guests.

As usual there are no door sales and a pre-purchased ticket is necessary to gain entry. Full directions are included with the ticket but our venue is midway between Boyanup and Donnybrook and about 20 minutes from Bunbury.

Tickets can be obtained by emailing: or by phoning Vince or Judy on 9731 2004


Beautifully Mad

The Music Shack is very pleased to once again host Beautifully Mad, the great duo from Canberra. Set the date aside and order tickets now  –  Saturday 20th January 2018


They performed for us last January out at the Thomson Brook Church when we co-hosted with Lonsdale Hire.  It was a great performance as everyone there would testify but the seating was limited so many of our regulars missed out.


This time they’ll be in the open air at our usual Music Shack venue so we will have more room but you can be sure it will sell out so best to get in early.

Tony King and Nina Vox are Beautifully Mad, two of Australia’s finest singer/songwriters. ARIA Award winning Tony King was named Australian Songwriter of the Year 2009 and Best Lyrics at the International Songwriting Awards 2014 judged by Tom Waits & Bernie Taupin. Nina Vox is an award winning songwriter and ex-actor, who performed with Russell Crowe and trained with jazz legend Kerrie Biddell.mw_blue_promo

Those credentials become quite apparent when you hear them perform and following their last performance we probably had more positive reports than ever before – they were really entertaining and people appreciated it.

Tony and Nina are not only great musicians, they’re thoroughly nice people and exceptionally talented. The whole evening will be fun and full of good music and of course you get the chance to mix and chat with them.

No door sales and tickets only available by pre-order. You can email or use the “Contact Us” tab above   –  or you can phone Vince and Judy at 9731 2004.

Simon and Tammy London – 10th March 2017

It’s all systems go for the 10th March concert with Simon and Tammy London from Torbay, down south.

dsc_1047-2We first saw Simon and Tammy at the 2016 Fairbridge Festival and they were hooking the crowds in. We caught them at Rubys Bar and that was lucky because we couldn’t get into the Chapel to hear them – it was bursting at the seams.

Simon and Tammy give a good range of folk/indi music with a good blend of country feeling – that’s natural, they both grew up in the country and that’s where they live.

The show will be outdoors at the Music Shack as usual.

No door sales and tickets only available by pre-order. You can email or use the “Contact Us” tab above   –  or you can phone Vince and Judy at 9731 2004.


Beautifully Mad – 15th January 2017

We joined forces with the new owner of the lovely old Thomson Brook Church, David Lonsdale, to host Beautifully Mad, the dynamic duo of Kris Ralph and Tony King from Canberradsc_8306-2 dsc_8330-2 dsc_8347-2.

What a great night – Kris and Tony are veteran professionals who know how to provide good music with a jam packed program that left the capacity crowd calling for more.

The evening started with a twilight barbecue where the crowd mixed easily. Some had come from many miles while others were from just around the corner. Thomson Brook Church is a bit ‘in the middle of nowhere’ – it has no water or power so everything for the evening had to be provided. Between us we managed that and it’s a bit lucky that David happens to own Lonsdale Party Hire in Bunbury – that made some things a lot easier.

It was nice to see John Thomson present. He’s the grandson of the people who donated the land and paid for the church back in 1909. Also present were old time identities, Sue and Ian, who were married in the church about 10 years ago.

Many people gave us positive feedback on what a great night it was and how good it was to see the church being used again for a community function.